Monday, August 9, 2010

New line of Top Hats - "Steampunk Stylish" and made to order!

It took me a while...

...but I've got it perfected! Elegant and unique, my Mad Hatter Toppers are made to order with as much (or as little) flair as your personality demands.

These hats have "hit the streets" from L.A. to London, which has me thinking they are pretty edgy fashion-wise!

Whether you want a classic Fred Astaire look, a more modern Steampunk bent, a bold Fantasy design or a dash of Alice's eccentric friend from Wonderland - I can create a Topper to suit your tastes.

I'm hoping to work with some theatre companies to create hats for plays and concerts, so spread the word to your local community theatres...

Materials can range from velvet to cotton knit and I especially enjoy making these Fantasy designs with a double layer of contrasting color with a cut-out on the sides of the hat and the reverse applique' on the top.

Embellishments can range from simple to flashy hatbands or add some hatpins, gears and springs - or even feathers to complete the look you desire.

I hope you'll shop around and convo me with ideas and special orders for yourself or a spectacular gift!
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