Monday, March 15, 2010

Awesome Cache of Recycled Creativity!

A friend turned me on to a great, inspirational site for the recycle-minded called Recyclart. There is a forum for discussions on a variety of creations and there are links to places to find out more or purchase items. Some of these offerings are mind-bogging in scale and really get the "storm in your brain" going.

Check out Recyclart at; to see some great innovative, creative, over the top and just plain bizarre offering from all over the world!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mens' Hats Available

I got Justin to do some modeling for me - so now I can post them as mens' hats! Most of my hats are "unisex" and far be it from me to tell any guy or gal that the hat they love isn't for them, that's not the point at all - the idea is to help anybody envision themselves wearing one!

See them all at;

Saturday, March 6, 2010

New Flower Bobs!

I'm having a blast creating these new "hair bobs" from recycled silk neckties. So far I've got roses, poppies and daffodils and I'm trying to create some crocus and/or iris - but they're tricky!

Check out the full line on etsy at;

I got my tags last week and I've been busy putting them on all of my items as well. I've made them into an "adjustable system" for wearing these nifty flower bobs too. By stitching them on with several different sizes of "loops" the tag can be used to affix the flowers to bobby pins, barrettes, scarves, headbands, safety pins, belts and more. These little guys are so versatile!